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In Game Currencies

In this game we have several different currencies. Eventually all the currencies in game will be linked so that you can purchase things with a single type of currency.

Kill Point Tracker

Kill Point Tracker

The Kill point tracker works on your kills alone. You receive 1 kill point for everything you kill. This does not relate to how big a creature is, it relates to how many things you have killed.

You can spend your kill points while you are out. If you have 100 or more, by typing [kps you can resurrect yourself for the cost of 100 kill points.

[kps = self resurrect

Trash BagTrash Bag

The trash bag is a way to help keep the shard clean. By adding items to the bag adds 1 point to the point.

These points can be used to purchase items on the stones near Britain.

Be careful, these bags do not care what you place in them. Once its in, its gone forever. There is no returns.

Dealers of Destiny CoinsDoD Coins

Dealers of Destiny Coins are a seperate coinage. The can be gathered through various means within the game and spent on a variety of items.

Both the Kill points and Trash Bag points will convert to DoD coins.

2 Kill Points = 1 DoD Coin
1 Trash Bag Point = 1 DoD Coin

You can gather DoD by claiming bodies to clean the shard. By typing [claim you will get everything off the body and add 2 DoD coins per body.

The other way of getting the coins is by using the vote stones on the side of the bank. Fow each vote stone used you will receive 20 DoD coins.

[claim = Grabs items off a body and claim 2 DoD Coins
[grab = Grabs items off all bodies in range and claim 2 DoD Coins per body.


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