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General News

We seem to have corrected the earlier problems.

It seemed that players were unable to perform simple tasks, like move things in their bag, drop or pick up items, or even use items in the bags.

We have tested the server now and it seems okay.

If you are still suffering with any of these problems please let me know.

I will need to know what exactly you are trying to do and how.

You may now log back in.

Posted 2013-08-14

We seem to be suffering at the moment with technical difficulties and players cannot do normal thing.

We are aware of the problem and are working as fast as we can to find a solution.

Please be patient and do not send numerous emails and messages. This will only hold us up more by having to read them.

Sorry for any incenvience.

Posted 2013-08-14

Tonights update brings the next item in the Legendary Items

We bring you another champion spawn and the Legendary Helmet.

The helmet has 30% poison resist. But be warned, if you try and enhance this on the stone, it will reset it to 20%.

Posted 2013-08-10

Plans for next update

It has been decided that our Evolution Dragons are way too powerful.

There-fore from the next update planned for 4th August, Evolution Dragons will be nerfed.

This means that the dragons once reached the initial Ancient Dragon status, this will be the last level. There will no longer be a higher level.

Any dragon already in the game that has reached this top level will continue. But if it is lost or killed then any other dragon grown from an egg will be a lower level dragon.

Moonstones - These are from old UO and are making a comeback. Moonstones are quite rare and can be found of monsters.

When double clicking a moonstone from your bag, you will open a gate to the other side.

Moonstones only work on Felucca and Trammel.

One stone is a one way travel.

New Legendary Weapon - A new quest is added for a new legendary weapon. This includes a new champion spawn.

Posted 2013-07-31

The server will be going down at 1:00pm today for server update and computer maintenance.

It is unknown how long the server will be down.

Posted 2013-07-20

Planned for next update this weekend.

Auto Rez Potion - Everyone will have their first potion FREE. The potion allows you to self rez 15 seconds after death. Each potion has 15 charges for you to use.

You must activate the potion after each death and after a server restart.

If the potion is already active there will be no notification so dont worry if you double click the potion and nothing happens.

The potions will be available from the Donation store after the update.

Detect and Reveal - These skills have changed to use the player as the center of the skill rather than having a target. By using [detect or [reveal will activate the skill.

Multi-languages - We are bringing languages to the game. The system to speak Drow, Elven or Orcish will be added to the game.

To start learning these languages you will need to complete various quests. These will be added in time.

Other languages will be added as soon as they become available.

Server Maintenance - There will be an extended server maintenance while we update the server machine and defrag.

Posted 2013-07-20

The Animal Taming Bod system becomes active at 12:00am (Midnight) of the 26th April.

The animal taming reward vendor has now arrived at Lord British Stables. You can see the items for sale and the prices.

Have Fun

Posted 2013-04-26

I thank everyone for testing the Animal Taming BoD system on the test server this week.

The test server will be up for one more day and will end at 5:00pm Thursday.

Anybody that has completed 5 Bulk Orders by this time will receive a reward on the normal server.

Well actually there is 2.
1. Body Sash titled 'Animal Taming Bod Test Sash' gives you +10 in Animal Taming while being worn.

2. A random etheral steed. This could be a horse, beetle, ostard, ridgeback, swamp dragon, llama, ki-Rin or unicorn. These donation steeds do not effect your veteran rewards and can be used by any age account.

The Taming BOD system will be put on the normal server on Saturday and the rewards soon after to all the halped.

Posted 2013-04-24

Please be aware of when the test server is on this week to log on and try the Taming Bod System.

Its very basic at the moment and items will be added during the week.

For anyone that completes 5 Bulk Orders or more in the week will be rewarded with an item in normal server.

The Bod System is working and you can claim your BOD from Lyla near Brit bank.

The prize is given in Taming Coins which will be used on a Taming Stone which will be placed on later this week.

Posted 2013-04-21

Well that was a quick war.

War was declared by the leader of the League of Sosarians Capri.

After declaring war, the guild leader Primax was hunting for them as quickly as possible. Unfortunately could not find them.

Due to the war records, Capri's guild found 1 of the Dealers of Destiny in the Solen caves while looking for Beetles.

Ulysses managed to get 2 kills in before Sheldon had chance to respond. Capri also got a kill in too.

Which means the first war of the shard was won by League of Sosarians [LOS] by 3 : 0.

Well done but wait for the retaliation.

Posted 2013-04-19


Main Server is offline. Server Status

Test Server is offline.

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