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Release Notes

Latest Update:

A new system is now on the game that effects regions and locations.

These effects could be dangerous and some could be beneficial.

If you visit Cove, they have a rejuvination effect throughout the whole village.

There are some effects effecting other parts of the land.

You will be able to find some loot in the form of Effect Cancelation rings. These rings have a 30 day timer.

You will be able to purchase a Donation ring of cancellation from the donation store which has 45 days and cancels ALL effects.

Posted 2013-10-08

The update is now active.

Skill Commands
By using the square brackets you can now use the commands listed below.


New Quest
This little quest is in 3 parts, although the areas will need to be decorated but the monsters are in place.

Seek a new quest starter in Buccaneers Den

Yes, they are here. Brittanian and Tokuno galleons are now available.

Seek out the galleon master.

All I am saying at the moment, is she can be located at a dock

I will be posting all the information on these to the links soon.

Posted 2013-09-08

Because I havent added any new items for some time, I thought I will give something.

The new item is a Auto Res Potion. Everyone will get a potion in your backpack to test. These potions allow you to self res 30 seconds after death.

Each potion contains 10 auto res charges.

To activate, simply double click the potion. The potion will then monitor your health. When you die it activates and will take a charge off.

When all the charges have gone, the bottle will disappear.

The Auto Res Potion is blessed

You need to remember that everytime you die you need to activate the potion again before you die again. Otherwise it will not work. The same goes for any server reset. It will not effect the potion if you double click it more than once.

The Auto Res Potions will be added to the Donation System when they are active on the main server.

Posted 2013-07-19

An emergency restart has partly repaired the Trash Bag. The bag now only checks for Blessed Items. It does not check for insured. So please be careful

Posted 2013-05-30

New to the game this week...

Party System - When creating a party system now, the other player will now receive a graphic on screen asking if that player would like to join the party.

Apiculture - This is a great new craft in the game. Beekeeping is quite involved and you can craft items such as wax, honey, candles and more. Check out the page at Apiculture. Visit the beekeeper.

Medical Crafting - You can now craft items that give you more hit point return than standard bandages. Visit the Doctor at Britain healers.

Afflictions - You are now able to catch a cold and more... Some afflictions are bad that can affect your character in serious ways.

Posted 2013-05-26

The latest updates for the game this week.

Brand new quest that starts the Critical Hit Potions.

Search for Slaris the Typhonolgist in Britain to start.

He will tell you what you need to do to start.

The reward is a Critical Hit Potion that adds +1 to your Critical Hit chance.

A brand new craft in the game.

Visit Frejya the Wiccan in britain to purchase your cauldren.

You will be able to craft various items using the your cooking and alchemy skills.

Magic Foods - These give you + 5's in any of your stats. i.e. Strength, Dexterity and Inteligence. The time usually lasts for around 1 minute.

Skill Foods - These give you +5's in any of the potential skills, i.e. fishing, swordsmanship, fletching etc.

Elixers - These are probably the best things to work on. These give you +1 permenant stat increase to Strength, Dexterity or Inteligence.

In the counselors guild in Britain is the new poker table.

You need minimum of 2 players to start the game.

Double click on the dealer to join in.

When you do, you will need to enter how much you are starting with.

The minimum buy in is 100 gold and the maximum is 50,000 gold.

To leave the table, just stand up and walk away. To re-enter you will need to double click the dealer again.

If there are 2 players and 1 leaves or loses all his gold, both players will need to leave and restart a new game.

If the game has already started and a new player joins, the new player will enter into the next possible game and all players will see the new players amount.

To get the best out of the seeing the game, move your cards to the bottom of the screen. This gives you the full possible table view.

Posted 2013-04-20

A new item being added this weekend is the Critical Hit Potions.

These potions increase your Critical Hit Chance of hitting monsters.

There will be a quest for you to start your collection of these fabulous potions.

Posted 2013-04-19

This week, we have a bag full of goodies for you.

The first is the long awaited Healing Fairy Jars. Some people already have these as they took the time and helped on the Dragons Teeth Quest Test event. They are finally being added this week.

NEW I just slipped this in quickly. The trash bag has been updated, you can now add multiple items and the bag will count them. Dont think about adding 65000 gold to get the powerscrolls however, gold does not count and you will lose the gold for even trying.

Next up are Newspapers. I intend to add news into the game by way of a newspaper. This will be added to the game, but not quite sure yet how to deliver it. I may just tell the game to add it to your backpack.

The [look command is a new command that allows you to view a player and his profile. Quicker than double clicking on him and then his profile.

Auto Max Hit Point increase and damage repair on legendary items. All weapons, shields, armour and jewelry now collect an extra 10 points every time they level and the hit points will reset to the new max.

Talking of weapons. A new attack has been added to weapons already. This is the CRITICAL HIT. All players at the moment have a 3% critical hit rate. This means that you have 3% chance of a critical. If this happens then your attack is automatically doubled. But be warned, monsters have the same chance too.

A new quest system will be added, this hopefully work itself. I need to test it once installed.

A player guide will be added to the game. This will bring up a gump showing all sorts of interesting information.

A new [password command is added. This enables you the player to change your password in game.

A new NPC will be added to New Haven. He will guide young players around using his built in advice and directions.

And finally, I am sure there is something else. Something is happening at the end of this month. Oh Yes. Easter!!

Easter gifts have now been placed in the game. You will receive these on March 31st. To be entitled to receive these gifts you need to be:-
1. A player with more than 30 days account
2. A player that has logged in within the last 30 days
3. A man or a woman. Sorry Orcs dont get them.

Web site updates are:-
1. More information has been added to the site.
2. Information in the new Quiz is on.
3. Information about the healing fairies is on.
4. All DoD quests have added.
5. All quests and misc info are now in alphabet order.

Posted 2013-03-10

The server will be going down shortly for backup, maintenance and to install the latest patches we have called March Mayhem.

Some updates have already been installed on the server and can be seen already.

These include:-

Brit Bank update and decoration. The roof of Brit bank has been decorated and stairs have been placed on the side. You can now go up to the roof to use the vendor stones and the voting stones.

The football arena has been placed south of Luna.

Two arenas have been placed south of the Chess board south of Luna. This is tournement system. When the next tournament is arranged, you can visit the arena to sign up to play. More details on this are coming.

The Automated AFK checker is active. This checks for non-movement of players and checks to see if they are doing anything. A test will then be sent to the player. You will have to enter a code to be able to continue. You have 5 chances to get the code right or if you fail the test you will be transported to a holding place.

The moongates have all be changed to a more fancy type of globe. This has not made any changes to the game for travel only that you now have to double click the globes to travel.

Townies. Every town now has a population. These are good fun. You can interact with the new townies, i.e. Beg, Peek, Steal etc.

A new auction stone has been placed in the game, this is a simple auction stone to ermm.. Auction stuff. More details soon

Two new commands are now active for you. The first is your status. You can check your status any time by typing '[status'

The other is much more fun, this is the emote box. By typing '[emote' you will be able to bring up a box with loads of options in. Have a play.

Other things added are:-

Item Blessed Deeds. These enable you to bless any item in game. Obviously there are some things it wont bless, but I am sure you will be happy with what it can. The Item bless deed is available from the donation store and through the referal system.

Pet Sex Change Deeds. These are probably the best deeds for a breeding person. If you have two pets of the same sex, then using this will enable you to get a breeding pair of pets. Sex Change Deeds are available in the Donation store.

I have also added the system for Healing Fairies. THis is not active yet, but when it is you will be able to catch a fairy for healing purposes. More details soon.

Other GM commands added to help players.

Oh, and I nearly forgot. I have heard that towns are about to be invaded. So far we have had reports that Juka's, Golems and Orcs are about to invade certain towns. Just thought I would warn you.

And thats it, hope you enjoy.

Posted 2013-03-03

The Weekends patch saw the adding of 2 more quests to the legendary items.

The Sword quest is called the Legendary Dragons Teeth Sword, the quest comes from the story of Jason and The Argonauts when they fought a group of skeletons born from dragons teeth.

The second quest this week is the ring quest. This comes from the legend of Kalibos and perseus who takes on the challenge to kill Kalibos and return the ring. Our quest runs slightly different, but hey, cant make it too easy can I?

We also saw a few more addons. Parked in Britain Harbour for the past few days is a Brittanian Galleon. This was just the ship that was added. The whole High Seas add-on will be set in once we have it.

Also, a new weapon upgrade scroll was added. This adds 100 to a weapons Max Hit Points. You will be able to purchase this from the Donatio store later on today.

Posted 2013-02-25


Main Server is offline. Server Status

Test Server is offline.

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