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The Beginning

Dealers of Destiny Story


"Biffy!! Get your brother and come and eat your dinner!!" Called Biffys mother.

Biffy and his brother came running into the house to find a smell of chicken coming from the kitchen. They also found something else there that they did not expect. Standing in the middle of the room was a tall man. His shining armour gleaming in the sunlight coming through the window. The reflection of the light making patterns on the wall behind him.

"Daddy!!" They both called.

"And what have my sons been doing while I have been away? Eh?" He asked

"We have been fighting dragons, Daddy!" Said Biffy

"Well, we cant have you play fighting dragons with nothing can we?" And with that he produced two swords. They were made of wood, crafted by one of Vespers fine carpenters. The boys were overjoyed, they thanked their father and rushed outside with their new found toys, waving and parrying their swords in the air.

"Dont be too long sons!" he called "Your dinner is nearly ready!"

He turned to his wife and gave her a hug. "The guild is building fine. We shall be one of the biggest, I promise. Tomorrow I will take the boys to the guild hall. We have a meeting about buying that castle I told you about."

"Be carefull dear, you know I dont like you going to the hall. There are too many murderers outside the bounderies of Vesper."

"Dont worry. I am meeting Sir Cane before we go. There is always safety in numbers." He said

Tomorrow came all too soon. The bright sunlight shining through the gaps in the door. Lord Witchfinder opened the door to where his sons slept peacefully. It was a shame to wake them. "Come on you two. We have to go! Sir Cane will not be happy if we are late."

Within the hour Biffy and his brother were wide awake and after eating their fill for the day followed their father south through Vesper town center towards their guild hall. The boys had their new swords tucked into their belts. "When can we have some armour like yours daddy?" Asked Biffy

His father took off his helm and placed it on his sons head. "HAHA! When you can grow into it, I think."

All too soon they reached the edge of town where Sir Cane was waiting. Sir Cane spoke quietly to Lord Witchfinder "I dont think you should have brought your sons, Mi'Lord. There is word of a war raging not far south of here."

"I dont think we need fear anybody. The hall is not far, and I doubt if anyone would attack children."

"I hope your right!!" Said Sir Cane

Lord Witchfinder turned and looked at his two sons. He knelt down and looked into their faces. "Now remember what I told you. If there is any trouble, you hide and recall out when you have the chance. You have enough reagents?"

"Yes father" They both answered in unison.

They all started off. Out of the protection of the town guards and followed the sea south. It seemed like ages before they reached the hall. As they approached the hall they heard the voices of the other guild members already inside.

"Hehe! Its always Lord Witchfinder who is late!!"

"Yeah! And he is the one who lives the closest! HAHAHA!"

Sir Cane said to his mentor "Ha! They seem in good spirit today"

"They do indeed" Said Lord Witchfinder as he was rumaging through his back pack looking for the key.

"You carry too much in there. Have you never heard of a bank?"

"Hehe! Whats a bank??" He smirked

Lord Witchfinder found the key. "Well, Well, Look what we have have here. Lord Witchfinder and his merry guild." Behind them was a group of horsemen and few people on foot. Half of them had their weapons drawn. The leader was wearing silver plate, which showed the dried blood of whatever he has attacked.

Lord Witchfinder placed his arms in front of his sons. "Back down, I beg of you. I have my sons here. If it is me you want please lets do it another time. I do not want bloodshed infront of my sons."

"Do not worry. You have my word, I will not touch your children. But I fear I cannot let you go now. I have hunted you for so long. You have already killed half of my number, including our leader Dread Lord Vulture. I cannot let you go now." He said

Lord Witchfinder gave a sly nod to his sons, they knew what to do. He then looked at looked at Sir Cane as he placed his hand on his scabbared. "TO ARMS!!" was the battle cry. He and Sir Cane drew their swords and leaped for the group. In all the confusion the two sons had hidden themselves well. They watch their father cut down three men before the door to the hall was flung open and the rest of the guild was pouring out.

Before they could all get outside the hall there came a flamestrike over their oppenents heads and exploded in a ball of fire at the entrance engulfing those that were there. Half of them staggered back inside the hall setting light to who else was inside and started a fire which would end up in wrecking the inside of the hall.

The children watched in horror as their fathers guild was being cut down where they stood. It happened so quickly in the end their father stood together with three other members in a circle surrounded by their oppenents. "Lord Witchfinder now knows what it is like to lose. You look so pityfull standing there with nothing left." Their leader said. "I think now I shall go and see your wife and let her know how much of a better man I am!"

"You leave my wife alone!!" He shouted and lurched for the silver plated leader. Before he could finish the leap. He was trapped by a paralyse field.

"You puny little man!!" Silver plate said. "You really expect to kill me? I think I will have to kill your wife when I have finished with her."

All of a sudden the field dissipated and he could finish his leap. The Silver plated warrior with a swing of his sword brought it round to point to Lord Witchfinder. With the force of his leap, the sword pierced his armour and hit its target. "NOOOOOOOO!!!!!" Shouted Biffy!

The three other guild members were slain within a flash of a sword. And the whole guild lay dead. The silver plated warrior started to turn away.


The leader stopped and turned. Looking for where the voice had come from. He could not see anyone. "Well, You are good at hiding are you not? Yes I killed your father. I have made him pay for killing of my father and leader, Dread Lord Vulture. You can tell your people you have survived against me. I am Milenko. Fare well children."

After he had gone, the children came out of hiding. The ran to their father, who was still alive. Coughing blood he said "Never forget who you are! Rebuild the guild." With that he closed his eyes and his body went limp.

"NOOOOOOOOO!!!" They both shouted.




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