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Dealers of Destiny Test Server

The server is available at certain times.

All you have to do is change the IP address before you login to Razor.

The IP you need is :

Test Server is offline.

Please note that the server may restart at any time while on. This will be due to restarting to add new items in game.

In order that players may thoroughly test potential templates and upcoming publishes a number of commands and resources are available on the Test Center that are not found on the normal shards.

Setting Skills and Stats

Skills and stats are set by command, simply by typing in the instruction ‘set [name] [value]‘ For example: ‘set str 125′ will set the character’s strength to 125. Total str/dex/int available = 400. Although skills can be set to 120 in skills that have that potential, the total skill points for a single character can not exceed 8000 points, no matter what the age of the account. Skills are set by increments of 0.1, but the decimal point is ignored, therefore saying ‘set [name] 100′ will in fact set the named skill to 10.0.  In order to set the skill to 100 you must say ‘set [name] 1000′.

To set a skill you must use the correct term, for example ‘set blacksmithing’ or ‘set blacksmithy’ will not work, the correct term is ‘set blacksmith’.  Typing in ‘help skills’ will bring up the list of skill names pictured below.

test center skill list


An additional ‘set’ command is ‘set tithingpoints 1000000′.

If you create a new character on the test server, you will receive loads of resources to help with testing. These will be available to you from the bank.


Main Server is offline. Server Status

Test Server is offline.

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